Firefly Range

Homesteading For A Better Tomorrow

Welcome to Firefly Range!

We didn’t know it at the time, but Firefly Range was born the very first night we stood on our back deck and looked out over the pasture.  There, out in the growing darkness of an early summer night danced more fireflies than we had seen in years, it was beautiful and nostalgic. A part of our childhood that we hadn’t realized we missed until we saw them again…and now we get to share them with our children. 

Since that summer evening our little homestead has grown from a few free range chickens to the growing homestead it is today. While we threw ourselves headfirst into the homesteading lifestyle we’ve learned quite a bit along the way and are eager to share our expiriences with those desiring a more self sustainable life. 

I fully admit to not having the greenest of thumbs (I’m learning!) and most of our focus is livestock based. We have spent a great deal of time choosing the breeds we work with, establishing breeding stock that match our Ideals for hardiness, breed standards and temperment and learning as much as we can along the way. 

Our homestead is still growing, learning and changing as we pursue new projects and continue to improve our current stock. We would be more then happy to help you grow, learn and change with us!