Firefly Range

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Current Tidbits

Chicks, Chicks & More chicks!

chicks are hatching pretty much every week all spring!

We have kids!

Luna gave birth to 2 bucks and 1 doeling on Saturday Feb 24th. Both mom and kids are doing great. Bucklings will be avaliable on April 20th at 8 weeks old.

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March 18, 2024

It's entirely possible to pursue homesteading in smaller spaces. Whether you're living in a suburban backyard, a compact urban lot, or a modest rural homestead, there are numerous animals that can thrive in smaller environments.

Welcome to Firefly Range!

We’re so glad you’ve decided to join us on our journey. Firefly Range is a small family-run homestead in the heart of Georgia. 

For more about our family and how our farm started please visit our About Us page!

the Animals we raise

We are focused on producing easy-to-handle good-tempered livestock for family farms. Our breeding animals are chosen based on temperament, breed standards, and hardiness. 


ADGA Nigerian Dwarf •  Commercial Boer 


Black Copper Marans •  Ermine/Black Ameraucana • Tolbunt Polish • Silkies • Swedish Flower Hens • Olive Eggers




Mixed Ducks • Sebastopol Geese